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Chinese aesthetic wataercolor paintting course

材料准备 equipment preparation:

1 毛笔一套(排刷, 大中小号白云毛笔,一支狼豪勾线笔)

Brush set (row brush, small and medium size chinese painting brush, a line drawing brush) 

2 画板8开或者至少16开 Drawing board (30X40cm)

3 水彩纸(细纹或者至少中粗,禁止粗纹,必须全棉浆)  Watercolor paper (fine grain or at least medium coarse grain, no coarse grain, must be all cotton pulp)

4 颜彩或者水彩,白色国画颜料最好单独准备几支 Chinese mineral solid pigment or normal watercolor, better prepare additional one piece of white chinese painting pigment. 
5 洗笔筒 a bowl for cleaning brush
6 陶瓷调色盘 Ceramic palette

7 洗水布或者纸巾 A towel for drying your brush
8 水彩纸胶带 Special tape for sticking watercolor paper


Day 1 Getting Started

Morning session:

1. 中国风水彩画的介绍



Introduction of Chinese aesthetic watercolor paintting style
The expression and artistic conception come from the reference of traditional Chinese painting, feeling the similarities and difference between it and western traditional watercolour painting in the skill and way of expression.

2. 画材的介绍与使用注意。Introduction of equipment.
3. 入门色彩讲解,绘制色相环。Introduction of knowledge of color and colormatching regulation.
4. 讲解水彩的晕染和叠加上色两种基本技法。Introduce the two basic color skill in watercolor: smudging and overlaying.

Afternoon Session: 

1.绘制自己的色相环,熟悉你的颜料以及色彩的调和。Paint your own color circle, get familiar with your pigments and color blending.


Draw a nice bamboo leaf pattern card with the two basic methods of smudging and overlaying color.


Day 2 鱼戏莲叶 Fish with lotus leaves

Morning Session:

1.讲解湿画法的裱纸方法 Explain the method of pasting paper on painting board.
2. 介绍湿画法表达朦胧意境的绘画步骤 Introduce the steps of expressing hazy artistic vibe in wet painting method.

3.拆分步骤示范 Split step demonstration

Afternoon Session:

完成作品+指导 Drawing your artwork + guidance


Day 3 尾草 Polygonum flowers

Morning Session:

1.讲解色彩的间色之间的混色营造灰色调的方法 The method of mixing contrast colors to create gray tones.

2.前后虚实的意境表现 The method of drawin the vibe generated by the constrast of front and back scene.
3 用点笔的笔触表现花以及线条表现叶 How to use dot strokes to represent flowers and lines to represent leaves.
4 拆分步骤示范 Split step demonstration.

​Afternoon Session:

完成作品+指导 Drawing your artwork + guidance


Day 4 春雨 Spring rain

Morning Session:

1. 完整叶子和枝干的画法 Pratice drawing the leaves and branches

2. 雨的意境 How to capture the vibe of rainny day

3 拆分步骤示范 Split step demonstration

​Afternoon Session:

完成作品+指导 Drawing your artwork+ guidance


Day 5 橘子 Oranges

Morning Session:

1 转笔画圆表现水果的方法 How to use rotated stroke to draw an orange.

2 水彩接色技法 How to join two colors together to make the object look lively.

3 结合枝叶表现完整的画面 Combine branches and leaves to express a complete picture.

4 拆分步骤示范 Split step demonstration.

Afternoon Session:

​完成作品+指导 Drawing your artwork+ guidance


Day 6 凤凰花 Phoenix Flower

Morning Session:

1 提按用笔的技巧 Pulling up and pressing down the brush to draw a petal
2 在邻近色中表现出画面的层次 Use the adjecent colour to enrich the layer of your color.

3 拆分步骤示范 Split step demonstration

Afternoon Session:

​完成作品+指导 Drawing your artwork+ guidance

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