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Graduating from Environmental Art design in southwest jiaotong university in China and followed by a three years photography study in Amsterdam. I first set up my photography studio in 2017, during the past years I created a broad photography portfolio for different clients while getting experienced in many differeent types of photoshoots. From 2023, Personal projects and Weddings&Portraiture are my main focus. 

My childhood were filled with classical Chinese fine arts training, skillled with Fine brushwork, traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, sculpture, printmaking. where lead me to be admitted in Sichuan FineArts academy in high school, learned drawing classical figures in traditional way and creating art pieces with multiple medias. Most of my growing up were spent in my studio which kept me focused on the art world. I had my first camera when I was 14. Through photography I discovered an entirely new side of myself where I could overcome my fears of connecting with others. especially when those unique stories happen to people. each one of them made a profound impact on how I percieve the world. During travels, or on wedding days as well as their special moments have allowed me an intimate glimpse into people's lives and the way they love and connect with eachother, which inspired me in so many ways. 


In my spare time, I love reading books, visiting museums and painting in my studio, getting inspired from old masters and collecting ideas from everyday life. 

Art is what fuels my life and drive me forward, creativity is what I am aiming for, therefore I love to use in every shoot and in my workshops, I like to add up what's coming to me, maybe your stories, maybe the surroundings, or maybe the look you have, or maybe just a music, book or a movie. I believe everyone has a unique character to be captured. You will feel at ease when looking at your final result, an eye for the small yet significant moments in-between and an open heart I am putting into it, I create for myself and for you, until then ...


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